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Anytime is the best time to visit Batanes.

One of the common questions we often get is, "When is the best time to visit Batanes?" Our go-to answer is during the summer season (March to June) BUT as locals who get to see the changing seasons in the province, there are still a lot of memories you can get to experience outside summer.

We believe that Batanes is breathtaking 365 days in a year — not only when the sun shows up and the sea is calm. Like a gem, the charm of Batanes is its facets that change throughout the seasons.

If you're planning to visit Batanes, and is still undecided on your month of travel, we will divide this post by months so read ahead to convince you to finally book that ticket!


Why March to June is the best time to visit Batanes?

This is a no-brainer since March to June is the summer season. Expect warm weather and sunny days! Touring around the islands is pleasant because the mountain views are lush and cool ocean breeze is inviting. Everything is just picture perfect and Instagram-worthy especially the tourist spots.

Here's an added tip, instead of staying at your accommodation after the tours, make the most out of the weather to roam around the neighborhood either by feet or by bike and you will discover our slow-paced lifestyle. You can also dedicate a day in your Batanes itinerary so you can swim at the Spring of Youth or any nearby beach.

Since summer falls on these months, it is a given that there's an influx of tourists in the islands. Unless you plan way ahead and was able to secure airline and land arrangements, flights to Batanes can be expensive especially when your intended travel date is getting near; and there is a chance that most of the hotels are already booked. Don't worry, we are here to help you with your Batanes travel needs.

Why July to October is the best time to visit Batanes?

July to October is the best time to visit Batanes if you are an adventurer or a curious-minded traveler. Most of the tourists try to avoid these months because of the risk of getting stranded and not being able to enjoy the views because it is the typhoon season.

From a different perspective, these storms molded Batanes in both cultural and geographical aspects which make our islands unique. It is the harsh weather conditions that continuously shape and redesign the landscape of Batanes. It is also the same reason why Ivatans developed survival skills that made them resilient and self-sustaining even if isolated from the mainland.

The storms and the Ivatan are designed to coexist with one another and if you want to take a peek or fully immerse yourself on how we are able to manage to survive the harshest weather conditions and violent storms, you may want to visit Batanes during these months.

One point to consider is that these months are the low peak seasons in Batanes so flights are cheaper but as we've said, expect cancellations. On a positive note, less volume of tourists and a high chance to truly appreciate the erratic beauty of Batanes.

Why November to January is the best time to visit Batanes?

A windy and chilly afternoon at Marlboro Hills (Racuh a Payaman), Batanes
A windy and chilly afternoon at Marlboro Hills, Batanes

In this time of the year, cold Siberian winds and amihan envelops the island which gives us chilly weather. Us Ivatans, consider this as our very own "winter", locally known as amian. If you like to experience a little piece of winter in the Philippines, you can pack your bags, ready your thick clothing, and head to Batanes.

Bonus: Annual Town Fiestas and Community Gatherings

Although our festivities are less common than other provinces in the Philippines, Batanes celebrates a lot! Distributed all year-round, every town and baranggay holds a fiesta to commemorate their patron saints. During such celebrations, people gather around the town plaza for a mix of performance and games. They also open their doors for people from neighbouring towns who are attending the fiesta or "machipista" . Don't hesitate to attend one of these gatherings so you can witness cultural performances. You can also taste true Ivatan hospitality by entering one's house to socialize and dine with them.

Here's the date of our town fiestas:

Basco - August 8

Ivana - May 1

Sabtang - April 27

Uyugan - May 10

Mahatao - November 4

Itbayat - October 7

Every end of June, Ivatans celebrate its week-long annual foundation day. This gathering is the biggest celebration in the province because almost all the people from the different communities come to the capital (Basco) to partake in different set of activites.

We believe that community gatherings like this gives you an opportunity to get to know the people more. As a you mingle with the people, you can use our list of Ivatan phrases when talking to the locals.

They say that every Filipino should visit Batanes at least once in their lifetime. Regardless of what month or season you intend on traveling to Batanes, We would be happy to help you with accommodation and tours so you can finally make your Batanes trip a reality.

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